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Status : Available

​​Species : Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots

​​Age : 9 Months

​​Sex : Male

​​Vaccinated : Yes

Tamed : Yes

Meet Paxton, our love Blue and Gold Macaw for Sale. His father is a champion Parrot from Belgium. Both his dad and mother have excellent temperaments. He loves to fly around outside and play with his siblings. He’s a fast learner, very sociable and cuddly.

  • Status : Available
  • ​Specie : Macaw Parrots
  • ​Age : 9 Months
  • ​Sex : Male
  • ​Vaccinated : Yes
  • Tamed : Yes

3 reviews for Paxton

  1. William Cowman

    I fully recommend their birds. They are tamed and interacts perfectly well with kids. My daughter is so happy with her new partner

  2. Frank Hardy

    Well tamed and very healthy parrots you got. I’ll swing by next month to get another girl

  3. Albert E. Cook

    Thank you guys so much for delivering our girl on time.

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