Talking Amazon Parrots

Amazon Parrots

Talking Amazons parrots for sale are among the best talking parrots in the world. They are active, bossy and hardy birds. Many species of Amazons are moderately good talkers and whistlers while some are especially good at speaking phrases. Speech of an Amazon is clearer than that of the African Grey parrots. Among the talking Amazon species, yellow-naped Amazon happen to be the best chatterer. baby amazon parrots for sale

They particularly tend to become one-person birds and aggressive towards others. They like to bite everything and everyone they see but some owners of Amazons parrots for sale claim that their birds do not bite them at all. With some special efforts to make them people-friendly, Amazons are capable of becoming tamed birds.

Species: Amazona auropalliata (Yellow-naped)
Amazona ocrocephala (Yellow Crowned Amazon)
Amazona oratrix (Double Yellow Headed)
Amazona aestiva (Blue Fronted Amazons)
Amazona amazonica (Orange-winged Amazon)
Vocabulary: 100-120 words
Lifespan: 70 years
Not prone to developing problems from lack of owner’s interaction.

Prone to obesity if the owner is not careful about diet.
Can be eminently loud thus unsuitable for close neighbours.

       Talking Amazon Parrots Food & Drinking?

Talking Amazon parrots eat a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, and vegetation in the wild. Pet Amazons should eat a pelleted bird food, along with fresh fruits and vegetables, every day. Discuss the quantity and variety with your vet, as nutritional requirements can vary based on size, age, and activity level. baby amazon parrot for sale near me

Birds like to graze throughout the day, so place a day’s worth of pellets in a chew-proof and tip-proof dish in the cage. Stainless steel dishes that attach to the side of the cage are a good option. Then, discard any uneaten pellets after 24 hours before adding the next day’s portion. Fresh foods should be fed in a separate dish, ideally in the morning when your bird is waking up and hungry. Remove them after a few hours to prevent spoilage.

Parrot standing on a branch and looking forward

Finally, make sure your parrot always has access to fresh water. You can either use a water dish or a bottle that attaches to the side of the enclosure. Many birds like to dunk food in water dishes or even bathe in them, so bottles are typically easier to keep sanitary. But make sure your bird knows how to drink from the bottle before removing its water dish. Refresh the water daily.

         Talking Amazon Parrots Common Health                                                Problems

Talking Amazons parrots are relatively healthy, long-lived birds. But they are commonly susceptible to the following conditions:1

  • Obesity
  • Feather picking (plucking feathers due to boredom, skin problems, and other issues)
  • Hypocalcemia (low calcium)
  • Liver disease
  • Respiratory diseases and other infections
  • Household injuries (such as from ceiling fans, toxic fumes, electrical wires, and more)


            Talking Amazon Parrots Reproduction /                                                        Breeding

Local avian veterinarians might be able to direct you to a good Amazon parrot breeder or rescue. These birds are often seen for adoption because owners can’t keep them for their full lifespan. The main benefit of going to a breeder is you’ll likely have a wider selection of younger birds.

Aim to visit with the bird before bringing it home. Look for a bird that is active, alert, and in good body condition. Ask the seller about the bird’s daily routine, diet, health, level of tameness, and any other questions you might have before committing.

Furthermore, in some Amazon species you can tell the males and females apart on sight while others require a DNA test. If you’re interested in keeping more than one bird of the same species, ask the seller or a vet to confirm their sex, so you don’t have any unexpected breeding. amazon parrots for sale here 

             Talking Amazon Parrots Exercise

Because Amazons love to eat and are prone to obesity, they need lots of exercise to keep them healthy. Physical activity also provides essential mental stimulation for their intelligent brains. An Amazon needs at least three hours of out-of-cage time per day where it can move freely and stretch its muscles.

Keep toys both in and out of the cage to encourage activity. A bird play gym outside of the cage is a great option to interest your bird and get it moving. Puzzle toys also can offer both mental stimulation and exercise.

             Talking Amazon Parrots Grooming

Most Amazon parrots love to bathe. And regular baths help to keep the bird’s feathers in good shape. You can spritz your bird with warm water from a spray bottle, or offer it a shallow dish that it can splash around in. Some birds even enjoy getting in the shower with their owners. Offer a bath a few times a week (sometimes your bird might not be interested), and make sure your bird never gets chilled with wet feathers. cheap amazon parrots

Furthermore, Amazons typically need periodic nail trims because they don’t wear down their nails naturally like they would in the wild. A vet can trim your bird’s nails for you and teach you how to do it at home.

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