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Status : Available

​Specie : Yellow~naped Amazon Parrot

​Age : 3 months

​Sex : Female

​Vaccinated : Yes

Tamed : Yes

Feline is a young yellow ~nape Amazon parrots  who is very friendly  and loves playing with humans being and therefore  has to be cuddled  often.

Status : Available

​Specie : Yellow~naped Amazon  Parrot

​Age : 3 months


​Sex : Female

​Vaccinated : Yes

Tamed :Yes

3 reviews for Feline

  1. Colin C. Nathan

    I love this bird store. I bought my baby Amazon Parrot from them few months ago. Very well maintained facility and very nice/informative site

  2. Earl D. White

    Amazing experience! The site is very helpful and polite. The birds are beautiful, clean, and seem pretty happy

  3. Ronda Vila

    FIVE STAR all round.

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