Talking Cockatiels Parrot Eggs

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           Talking Cockatiels Parrot Eggs


Talking Cockatiels Parrot Eggs. We procure eggs with great care from our thriving aviary, ensuring they originate from robust, disease-free birds. Our guarantee is that these eggs are entirely fertile, guaranteeing the birth of vigorous offspring. As experts in bird and parrot breeding, we specialize in offering candle-lit fertile eggs for sale, including Cockatiels Parrots. If you have an interest in nurturing birds from their embryonic stage, we are currently accepting orders. We are committed to supporting you throughout the hatching process and providing guidance on caring for your newborn birds. Embarking on the journey of hatching your own offspring from eggs can be an immensely gratifying endeavor.

                     Talking Cockatiels Parrot Mating Habits


Cockatiels possess a unique characteristic among birds, as they exhibit monogamous behavior and maintain the same partner throughout each breeding season. They establish strong bonds early on, eliminating the need for time spent searching or attracting a mate. Prior to mating, both male and female cockatiels become highly vocal. Females will position their tails in an erect manner, while males display a strutting behavior with their wings open.

Additionally, cockatiel pairs will scout potential nesting sites before engaging in the mating process. The male will inspect the location and ensure it is suitable and secure for nesting. In the case of domestic cockatiels, you can facilitate the mating process by providing mature individuals with nesting boxes. Buy talking cockatiel parrot eggs


                Talking Cockatiels Parrot Pre-egg laying stage


Following the mating process, female birds may lay eggs within a relatively short time frame, ranging from as little as four days to up to a month. There are several indications that can help you recognize when your bird is about to lay eggs. The female bird will exhibit nesting behavior and prepare for incubating the eggs. One noticeable change is a decrease in the frequency of droppings, which will also appear larger in size. As the bird approaches egg-laying, the cloaca (the opening through which eggs are laid) will swell, assuming a round egg-like shape.

The female will spend most of her time inside the nesting box, only emerging to feed and eliminate waste. Increased bathing activity and consumption of soft food and nutrient-rich grains are also observed as the female seeks the necessary moisture and vitamins for egg development. Talking Parrots For Sale

                  Talking Cockatiels Parrot Egg-laying


Cockatiels typically lay one to two clutches of eggs per year, with each clutch containing 4 to 7 eggs laid over several days. In cases where eggs are broken or non-viable, females may compensate by laying additional eggs. It is crucial to ensure that the female receives adequate nourishment and mineral blocks for this process.

Early eggs may display irregular shapes or have traces of blood, which is entirely normal. However, if you notice your bird experiencing excessive blood loss or laying broken eggs with blood, it is essential to seek veterinary assistance as it could be a sign of egg-binding, which requires immediate attention.

Each clutch typically contains four to seven eggs, and the cockatiel pair will incubate them for a duration of 17 to 23 days, resulting in a hatching success rate of around 90%. Around five days after egg-laying, you can begin the process of candling the eggs to identify non-viable ones.

Please refer to our comprehensive egg candling guide for further information. If you choose not to candle the eggs, any eggs that fail to hatch after a month are considered non-viable and should be removed to discourage further incubation by the mother bird until they decompose. Talking cockatiel parrot eggs for sale


                        Talking Cockatiels Parrot Incubation


Mature cockatiels take on the responsibility of incubating their own eggs. It is crucial to provide them with an ample supply of energy-rich food, mineral blocks, and water during this period. When hatching parrot or exotic bird eggs, it is essential to utilize a specialized incubator designed specifically for these types of eggs.

The incubator should have precise temperature control, accurate within one-tenth of a degree, and ideally include a humidity control system as well. Maintain a temperature of 99.3 degrees Fahrenheit (37.4 degrees Celsius) and a humidity level ranging from 40 to 50 percent consistently throughout the entire incubation process. Talking cockatiel Parrot 


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