Tami Franck New York, USA

Owner is very knowledgeable and open/honest. Makes sure the breed you want is what you’re expecting. Keeps you informed and explains aftercare. Our baby has only been home 3 days and already eating from our hand, letting us hold and pick him up

12/03/2022 1:18:36 PM

Karen Miami, FL

Talking Parrots for Sale is a fantastic website, very knowledgeable about birds and workers are good at explaining. If I ever want another bird, I will go back to them in a heartbeat. I highly recommend TPFS

11/21/2022 2:58:06 PM

Sandy Marafino Cardiff, Wales

I highly recommend TPFS. They are professional, honest and very knowledgeable about birds. A positive experience from start to finish. Love my new parrot!

11/18/2022 1:03:38 PM

Angelique Akers Scotland, Uk

Just received my Hyacinth macaw last evening. She is beautiful and sweet. TPFS is there for you from birth of your bird. Very knowledgeable. I won’t deal anywhere else!

11/10/2022 4:22:11 PM

Daphne Hinds Los Angeles, CA

Talking Parrots for Sale is wonderful! Their birds are gorgeous and well cared for and they guide you from initial contact, purchase, and afterwards!


3:50:47 AM

Ryan Corrigan Birmingham, UK

I purchased a baby African Grey from TPFS a couple weeks ago he’s such a sweet, healthy boy. They provide a packet with loads of important information about your new bird and can answer pretty much any question you have about the birds.


11:16:23 PM

Dennis Chicago, IL

Let me walk you through this great experience. I arrived & saw their birds & then put a deposit on an Amazon parrot that was adorable. 3 weeks later, I got the gentlest, kindest bird ever! We also got a quaker parrot who is very loving.

09/27/2022 12:17:52 AM

Victoria Pallozzi Norfolk, USA

I have nothing but positive things to say about this website! I’m more than happy with the bird we got from them.

09/24/2022 11:41:51 PM

Hagen,  Germany

After having a different breeder fail to show up to an intended meeting, we found and called TPFS about their online posting of a blue and gold male macaw. They answered all our questions, made us feel comfortable then we finally got a healthy boy from them.

08/13/2022 9:28:32 PM

Amer Houston, Texas, USA.

A nice site with the largest collection of birds I ever seen, good post, highly educated staff, and healthy birds.

05/28/2022 4:04:12 PM

Gus Abbouda Victoria, Canada

Bought my palm cockatoo from them the best bird I ever had, all what they said plus was truthful, the cleanest most caring people. I highly recommend

04/16/2022 4:20:20 PM

Barbara Eichmann London UK, England

Bought my African Grey Parrot, Lulu, from TPFS and she came to me at 4 months of age tame, clean, in great health and eating well right away. Had no health issues whatsoever since we bought her. Lulu has a super personality!

12/22/2021 3:44:44 PM

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  1. I 100% recommend this website. They provide one of the best online services I’ve seen so far. Walk you through their process well, make you understand a lot about what you want to buy and they got quality parrots. Thank you guys for giving my son his playmate

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